Service & Repair

All services and repairs to your vehicle are carried out with strict adherence to the manufacturer’s specification. We only use OE quality parts (original equipment) so you can rest assured your warranty will be protected at all times.

Our technician is highly skilled, and all of our work is quality assured and guaranteed. We're always happy to answer any question that you might have, so just ask.


Our competitive prices offer excellent value for money when it comes to your vehicle service. We’re committed to providing high quality services that offer value for money, and we’re dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Why have your car serviced?


Regular car servicing is the best way to prolong the life of your vehicle and to stop problems before they occur. A small investment can identify a defect before it becomes a much larger, and more expensive, problem. Regular car servicing
will also help to keep you and your car safe, and a service history is also valuable when it comes to selling your car.


Some other benefits of regular car servicing:
•Reduced cost of car repair services throughout the life of the vehicle
•Reduced risk of breakdown
•Reduced time that a vehicle could be off the road
•Reduced chance of an accident
•Better fuel economy
•Extended life of a vehicle




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